The points at which light intersects are always brighter than any individual light. 我们的1,500 students come from nearly every state and 50 countries to enjoy the distinctive benefits of this engaged—and engaging—community.  

Lawrence’s 欢迎 and supportive campus is filled with smart and talented people who are pursuing an astonishing variety of academic and extracurricular interests in collaboration with others. 

You'll find countless opportunities here. 你会找到支持. You'll find you belong at Lawrence. 

Students are moving boxes into Ormsby Hall on move-in day.


作为一个住宿校园, Lawrence offers a wide variety of housing options to enhance your undergraduate experience. 

Students gather in Andrew Commons for a meal


From an all-you-can-eat buffet to a cozy café and a convenient grocery store, fuel your learning with fresh produce and cooked-from scratch foods. 

Students dancing on stage during the Cultural Expressions event


Lawrence has no shortage of opportunities for you to shape your community and bring your light. 

Students playing tug of war for wellness and team building


From meeting with a counselor or medical doctor to yoga class and biofeedback sessions, the Buchanan Kiewit 健康 Center offers support for your mental, 物理, 以及情绪健康.  

Student prepares cotton candy for students at the Blue and White Weekend Carnival


The Office of 学生参与, 活动, and 领导 is home to student organizations, 校园范围内的事件, 学生会, 和更多的!

masked students crossing bridge in winter


Lawrence strives to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all.  

Devoted to excellence and integrity in all that we do, Lawrence seeks to be a more diverse, 欢迎, 可持续发展的社区.   

Students pushing wheelbarrows in forest

社区参与中心 & 社会变革

Connect with the community and serve your neighbors. The 社区参与中心 and 社会变革 (CCE) can help you find volunteer opportunities in the local communities surrounding Lawrence. You can even come up with your own service projects and get funding to make them happen. 



You can find help with resumes, job applications, networking, 和更多的 at the 职业中心. Join a career community to learn more about opportunities in the fields you're most interested in.

在任何一天... an array of opportunities that await you at 十大电子游艺网站.